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Course Description

Most businesses fail because they don’t find a market. Hopefully, you’ve identified and validated a viable opportunity. But a million reasons you might fail remain. This course will teach you how to continue to develop customer empathy, test your business model assumptions, and create a blueprint for growth.

Additionally, you will learn how to think about structuring the management and organize the work, so that the business is built to thrive, based on your vision, with your core values entrenched in the culture.

Key Concepts

  • Laying out the plan, knowing it will change
  • Understanding your business ecosystem
  • Leveraging the principles of Agile
  • Understanding and testing your assumptiions
  • Making evidence informed decisions

The goal is to get going, while organizing the business; Understand where to focus and the various roles you need now, while laying the foundation for the future. 

Planning is fine, but since you can’t predict the future, you must build agility into the business. You can only overcome obstacles when you run into them. So you may as well start the sprint.

Kickstart Course Lessons