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Course Description

Discovering an opportunity is the first step in launching a business. In this course, your objective is to explore the world to find unmet needs you might be able create a business around. You are deciding “where you want to play.”

Many people start with an idea already in mind. That’s great. Or perhaps you’re starting with a group of people you’d like to help. That’s good, too. Others have a bunch of ideas they cannot decide between. Others don’t know where to start at all.

In all cases, understanding the opportunity and potential customers in greater depth will give you a leg up on the competiton. Customer insights are likely to be your competitive differentiation.

Key Concepts

  • Understanding customer needs
  • Design thinking and Jobs-to-be-done
  • Analyzing and prioritizing opportunities
  • Basic customer research techniques

The goal is to define and prioritize business opportunities based on understanding the needs, challenges and aspirations of a variety of customer segments.

Opportunity Discovery Course Lessons