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What you will find in this course

Discovering opportunities is the first step in launching a business. In this course, your objective is to explore the world to find unmet needs you might be able create a business around. 

Throughout this course, you’re going to have an opportunity to master a proven process for identifying, selecting, testing, and pursuing profitable business opportunities. 

You will be escorted through a process for creating a bank of reliable possible opportunities to pursue based on your interests, but also based on market evidence. You will learn to focus in on the best opportunities and what to do once you’ve found your North Star.

You will need to complete quizzes to solidify your learning and assignments specifically designed to help you to deeply understand the opportunity.

To keep in mind

Before you proceed, I want you to keep one thing in mind: Embrace uncertainty. Be comfortable only having a vague idea of possible opportunities to pursue, at first.

Or perhaps you have a “million dollar idea.” Ideas, so they say, are a dime a dozen. It’s fine to come with ideas for products in mind. But to truly validate a business opporunity, try to put them aside for a bit.

Understanding the opportunity and potential customers in greater depth will give you a leg up on the competiton. In today’s fast-based, digitally connected world, customer insights are most likely to be your competitive differentiation.

As you make headway in the course, the best opportunities will get clearer and more concrete. 

I recommend you stick with the process.  Don’t skip steps, or simply skim the material, and everything will start making sense. You can probabaly run the material in a few days. But finding the best and biggest opportunities might takes weeks and fully depends on the amount of hustle and rigor you put into doing the work.

Key Concepts

  • Understanding customer needs
  • Design thinking and Jobs-to-be-done
  • Market segments and personas
  • Analyzing and prioritizing opportunities
  • Basic customer research techniques


  1. A bank of opportunities to explore
  2. Completed customer persona(s)

Opportunity Discovery Course Lessons

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