A new kind of survey tool.

Got a hot idea?

Are you sure?

Heatcheck is Designed for Uncertainty

Most survey tools allow survey designers to ask whatever questions they want.

Seems reasonable.

For many purposes, those tools work great. If you’re trying to figure out a specific need within an existing market that is generally well understood, it’s OK to ask your customers what they want and generally believe what they have to say.

But other situations need a different approach. Facing uncertainty is just such a situation. You can’t crowdsource the unknown. Asking people to predict their own future is a fool’s errand.

When testing a new idea, how should one go about it? Well, in design thinking, user research and other human-centered design practices use specific techniques to understand user needs and behaviors that allow entrepreneurs and product people to better understand how to address user needs.

These techniques are typically done 1:1 with users and customers. You definitely should do this. This learning is irreplaceable.

The problem comes when you need to prove scale for the evidence you gather in person.

Heatcheck is a survey tool that helps scale user responses, without falling into the trap of applying large scale, “operations-style” market survey methods to testing new ideas.

How does it work? 

  1. Heatcheck asks you a set of questions about who you think your ideal customer or user is, what problems you believe they face, and what are the high-level ways that you propose to address the customer needs.
  2. We create survey questions in a very specific way using the information you provide.
  3. We allow you to create a limited amount of additional information.
  4. We provide a URL for the survey.
  6. We compile and analyze the results.
  7. We share them with you.
Sounds simple enough, right?

Our goal is to give you a strong indication whether or not your idea has legs.

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