Introduction to Opportunities Topic 2


For the sake of putting a stake in the ground, here are some definitions people may disagree with, but will serve our purposes:

  • Framework – a set of guiding principles, ideas, and definitions that inform various methods of addressing a particular issue. A framework isn’t a method even if the name of the framework uses the word “methodology.”
  • Customer vs User – I will use the word customer when others think I should use user. I will strive to succeed in communicating the point I’m trying to make.
  • By Persona, I mean a description of an individual who represents a market segment. A market segment is a group of people who share a common need and who would be willing to belong to the same “community” about that need. In other words, if two people have the same need but wouldn’t care how the other is addressing it, they are not in the same segment. The persona should look and feel like a real person and can actually be based on a real person. Personas that are an amalgamation of characteristics and research data that don’t reflect reality are worthless.
  • The work we do does not require a sample size of people to achieve “statistical significance.” Statistical significance is relevant when drawing conclusions about a random group of people. We’re not looking for a statistical portion of a random group. We’re looking for 100 people who share a need and who would look to each other for ways to address that need.