Introduction to Opportunities Topic 5

Your Workflow

To be honest, if done correctly you could easily expect to spend multiple months in the opportunity discovery phase.

The result you seek is a handful of richly developed personas or customer profiles that represent different market segments within one broad opportunity The personas are not old-school, demographic-based, data amalgamations used for Mad Men advertising campaigns. Rather, they describe real humans who represent a group of like-minded people, who you might congregate together based on shared needs. In the end, you must be able to go out into the real world and find these people based upon the persona.  You must iterate on the persona so that it accurately reflects the market.

The amount of time the work takes depends on several factors, which includes whether you’re starting from scratch, have already developed a product, are working at a job full-time, or perhaps are already in business, and so on. It’s up to you to manage your time, though I will give you tips on that, too.

Each of the course lessons will include some combination of video, text like you’re reading here, other course reading, quizzes, assignments, and external sources for additional learning. I try to make the information not redundant. In other words, all of these ideas and frameworks are not repetitive, but might reprsent different ways of thinking about the same thing.

People learn differently. The more you absorb, the better you will understand. You learn the craft and them, hopefully make it your own. The art is in figuring out your own version that works for you.

Again, succeess depends on the time you have available, priorities, and time management. Whether you’re working on a a side hustle or changing the world, hustle wins.

A true visionary recognizes that the amount of effort one puts in is proportional to the size of the change one is trying to make. 

More power to you.