The right way to discover an opportunity

What’s the right way to discover an opportunity?

Profitable business opportunities are ones that can be directly mapped to the unmet needs of a large enough group of people.

Consider yourself.

You have a lot of needs.

You need a place to sleep at night.

You need that place to safe and comfortable.

You perhaps need help to get going in the morning.

You need to effectively help communicate with family or work colleagues or your boss.

On and on! Think of the some of the products or service you might use to achieve your needs. Have you ever thought about ideas in this way?

Some of your needs are satisfactorily met, some are insufficiently met, and some may be completely unmet.

Have you even wondered aloud  “if only I could…” or “if only this product would…”

There’s an infinite number of needs in the world. And an infinite number of ideas about how to fufill needs.

The objective is to find the unmet needs people will pay to fix.

Profitable business opportunities are those that can be directly mapped to enough people’s unmet needs.

This course wil help you find business opportunities by helping you find people’s unmet needs.