The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development 2nd Edition Highlights

The new edition is on its way soon, with tons of new thinking and content, reflecting how things have evolved in Startups and Innovation over the last decade. In addition to Customer Development and Lean Startup there is a deep dive into practices surrounding Agile, Design Thinking, and “Jobs-to-be-Done”, showing how all these work together.

Thought Leader Contributions

A sage group of contributors to the movement have been brought together to add their insights to the 2nd Edition of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development These people are original contributors to the thought architecture in this book. Am also proud to call each and every one of them friends of the cause.

Cindy Alvarez – Lean Customer Development

David Bland – Rapid Experiment Design

Ben Blank – Design for Delight

David Binetti – Innovation Investments Options

Giff Constable – Talking to Humans

Janice Fraser – Lean User Experience

Tristan Kromer – Innovation Ecosystem Designer

Ash Maurya – The full Lean Stack

Dubbed “The Startup Blue Book” the Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development has proudly made it into the hands of forward-thinking entrepreneurs and corporate innovators, onto the campuses of colleges and universities around the country, and in startup accelerators and incubators across the globe.

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